2015-05-18 - It's an exciting time...

...to be a Streets of Rage fan! If you haven't heard by now (if by some crazy reason you aren't following us on Twitter), Axel Stone is getting his first official video game appearance since 1994 in the form of Nintendo 3DS tactical RPG 'Project X Zone 2', coming later this year. Axel (as well as Robot X) stars alongside various other Sega characters in a crossover-style action game that, while not quite what SOR fans have been waiting for, at least signals that Sega has not completely forgotten and abandoned these characters like so many of us, frustratingly, often believe. You can check out Axel's official new 2015 look here and get more details on the game from this Gematsu article.


In other news, top artists from the video game/entertainment industry have been trying their hand at illustrating pictures inspired by Sega's classic franchises - including SOR! Check out this limited edition Streets of Rage print drawn by artist Julien Renoult (lead concept artist of Sunset Overdrive). You can even buy one for yourself, but hurry... these things are becoming scarcer by the day!


Finally, and perhaps the most exciting thing for SOR nerds such as myself, Ancient Games recently turned out their extensive vaults and released the original design documents for Bare Knuckle II! You can check out the original release post on Ancient's blog (though written in Japanese) here and download the original 100+ page document plus an exclusive set of txt files from Yuzo Koshiro's personal archives (sadly also in Japanese) right here. The good news is I've been in contact with a freelance translator who has agreed to start translating all this stuff into English for us. Check out our Twitter account regularly for updates when they happen. Once it's all done I'm planning to add a whole new dedicated section to the site, bigger than our recent 'Making Of' for SOR1.


I know it's been a few months since I last updated the site. Sorry about that, but I have been extremely busy with real life and probably will be for the foreseeable future. I will try to update the site whenever I can. That said, check out this brand new Streets of Rage Remake Enemies section I've put together with the kind help of Vincent Guégan. There will be more stuff to come.







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