2014-11-12 - SORR Update Patch 5.1

Streets of Rage Remake has been given another update patch this week, v5.1, which fixes a lot of bugs and further tweaks and improves the gameplay mechanics. Grab it from our SORR Downloads page and check it out if you haven't already. If anything, it's a nice excuse to start playing the game again.


While I'm here I've thrown 4 new magazine scans into this update as well. I have a bunch of new ROM hacks, fanart and various other bits and bobs still waiting to be added, but I haven't had much time recently so it'll have to wait until the next update.


Don't forget to order your copy of SEGA Mega Drive/Genesis: Collected Works over at readonlymemory.vg . It has a wealth of cool design documents from the original Streets of Rage game, along with concept art, interviews and more. Pending the all-clear from Sega we may be featuring some cool unseen content right here on SOR Online, so watch this space.








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